Donate a Boat

We accept donations of sailboats and motorboats in good condition and with working motors. All proceeds from the sale of your boat will be used to support CRAB’s sailing programs.

Donate a Boat

Thank you for considering CRAB for your boat donation. We strive to sell donated boats quickly and at the highest possible price to maximize your tax deduction in a timely manner. 

CRAB is always grateful for sailboats and powerboats in good condition and working motors. So if you need room in your slip for your next dreamboat, consider donating last year’s joyride to CRAB and make a difference for our guests. Your donation is fully tax deductible. CRAB makes the process simple and easy.

The proceeds from the sale of donated boats currently provides nearly 25% of CRAB’s operating budget and help keep programming FREE of charge for guests. So when you purchase a boat from CRAB, you are helping to provide boating experiences for people with disabilities.

Things to Consider

CRAB will review the completed boat donation form and make a market assessment of the boats value prior to scheduling an inspection.

  • Your boat donation to CRAB is fully tax deductible under Federal law, but tax laws change and everyone’s situation is different. Please consult your tax advisor with any specific questions relative to your donation.
  • The title to the boat should be “clean and clear” of any liens before being signed over to CRAB.  When completing the title transfer, sign CRAB, Inc. as the purchaser and write “charitable donation” or $0 in the blank space for the sale amount.
  • Any lien that was taken out on the boat must be released by your bank with the information sent to the USCG if it was documented, or to Maryland DNR if it was titled with the State.  CRAB cannot accept the boat if the title or documentation does not show a lien release.
  • Any literature, and equipment or engine manuals that you may have should be placed on the boat or delivered to CRAB for the new owners.
  • As of January 1, 2005 the tax laws changed. Boat donors may only claim the price of the boat sold by CRAB for tax donation purposes. CRAB will notify donors immediately upon the sale of the boat. CRAB also will submit an IRS form 8282 to the donor with a copy to the IRS following the sale. The donor is required to furnish a Social Security number for this federal form.
  • Boats with trailers or outboard motors will require, serial numbers, make and model information.
  • An inventory of equipment included with the boat – sails, anchors, electronic gear, etc. should be provided to CRAB. Any equipment the donor plans to keep and not sell with the boat should be removed.

Some previously donated boats

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