CRAB offers opportuntities for guests take sailing to a more competitive level by participating in sailing regattas


Regattas, a series of sailboat races, are a way to provide CRAB guests with an opportunity to take what they have learned in other CRAB programs and apply their knowlege while enjoying the social aspects of the boating community.

CRAB currently offers four regattas in the Annapolis area: two for recovering warriors, one in the Spring and one in the Fall; the Don Backe Memorial CRAB Regatta is for sailors with disabilities and hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club in June; and The CRAB Cup, CRAB’s largest regatta and fundraiser, which is open to all sailors and hosted at the Eastport Yacht Club in August. Every year more than 100 sailboats participate in CRAB Regattas.

If you are interested in sailing in a regatta, please contact us. With the exception of the CRAB Cup, CRAB regattas are invitation only for sailors who have participated in our introductory programming.

The CRAB Cup is CRAB’s largest fundraiser. In 2023 it boasted 88 boats on the line for the pursuit race and 8 in the 2nd Annual Poker Pursuit. The party is held at Eastport Yacht Club. It attracts more than 500 guests and offers live music and delicious food provided by its founding sponsor Boatyard Bar & Grill.

  • Voted BEST nonprofit fundraiser by the readers of What’s Up?
  • The CRAB Cup is the second jewel in the Triple Crown of Charity Sailing
  • The 18th Annual CRAB Cup will be held Saturday, August 17, 2024.
Group photo of CRAB staff and volunteers at Eastport Yacht Club supporting The CRAB Cup regatta.
Photo of one of the CRAB sailboats and participants on the water during the regatta.
Photo of two female guests enjoying the after-regatta festivities.

Don Backe Memorial

The Don Backe is a harbor regatta and is held at the Annapolis Yacht Club every June in memory of CRAB’s Founder. Sailors with any disability can come compete on one of CRAB’s Beneteau 22(A) sailboats.

Photo of 4 CRAB sailboats in the fleet on the water.

Step 1: Join Us for One of Our Entry-Level Programs

To sail in the Don Backe Memorial, sailors must first attend one of our Family Sail or Group Sail events.

Group photo of CRAB volunteers helping a guest access one of the sailboats.

Step 2: Let Us Know Your Interest

  • Have you attended one of CRAB’s entry-level sailing events?
  • Are you a knowledgeable sailor with the skills to start racing?
  • Has a CRAB skipper recommended you for one of our regattas?
Photo of a CRAB sailboat and skipper on the water

Step 3: Get a Recommendation

Because the Don Backe Memorial is an invitational Regatta, sailors need to be recommended by a CRAB skipper to be eligible.

  • When you sail with CRAB, let a skipper know you would like to participate in regattas.
  • Ask a CRAB skipper to recommend you to CRAB staff for the next regatta
  • Invitations are sent out 1 month before each regatta.
Large group photo of CRAB staff, volunteers, and regatta participants sitting and standing on steps in front of a building.

Step 4: Participate

CRAB invitational regattas are a great way to meet other sailors who are interested in taking their sailing skills and knowledge to the next level. Now that you are an experienced sailor, you will enjoy talking to other sailors about their time on the water.

Group photo of CRAB staff, volunteers, and participants on the dock holding a banner for one of the Recovering Warrior Sailing Regattas sponsored by CRAB.
Photo of 3 CRAB volunteers and participants in one of CRAB's sailboats on the water competing and enjoying the regatta.

Recovering Warrior Sailing Regattas

CRAB hosts semi-annual Recovering Warrior Sailing Regattas currently sponsored by Move United and Mission BBQ.  The regattas are scheduled in May and September and they provide a great opportunity to share and experience the thrill and freedom of sailing with family members, fellow warriors, and volunteers.


More information about participating in CRAB Regattas

While anyone can participate in the CRAB Cup, the CRAB Fleet of Beneteau 22(A)’s are raced by CRAB Guests who are invited to compete. All other CRAB regattas are invitationals, guests who are recommended by CRAB skippers are invited to participate.

All CRAB regattas are held in the local Annapolis area.

First, sailors must participate in an entry-level CRAB program, like a family sail or group sail. During the course of your sailing event let a CRAB volunteer skipper know you are interested in sailing in a regatta. The Skipper will evaluate your sailing skills and recommend you for an appropriate regatta. Once CRAB Staff receives your recommendation, you will be added to an invitation list.

Yes! Friends and Caregivers are welcome at all CRAB Sailing Events, including regattas.

If you are recommended for a regatta you will receive an invitation to sail in one of our four annual regattas. If you are able to attend you will be asked to submit a form. Once that is received you will get a confirmation email with further information.

Weather appropriate clothing and layers. The weather out on the water can be slightly colder or warmer than on land on any particular day. A hat, sunglasses, water and snacks are also good to have. Please wear unmarking soft soled shoes. CRAB provides (PFDs) Personal Floatation Devices for all CRAB participants.