Family Sails

Inclusive sailing program designed for people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers.

Family Sails

Sailing is one of the few genuinely inclusive sports where people with and without disabilities share the same experience together.

Families are able to enjoy a fun and fulfilling outdoor recreational activity while CRAB’s experienced volunteer skippers and crew ensure the comfort and safety of everyone. For families and caregivers this can be a wonderful respite that is sure to provide special memories while enjoying sailing together on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

Family Sails are offered free of charge and take place one Sunday and one Thursday afternoon each month. Other opportunities may be available.

Who Qualifies for the Family Sail Program?

CRAB offers its Family Sail Program to any person with a disability and their family and caregivers. In order to participate in a sail, the person living with a disability must participate in the sail.

  • Sails are free of charge.
  • Sails are designed to accommodate a person with any type of disability.
  • Family, Friends and Caregivers are welcome to join in the fun!

“For someone who grew up defined by disability, being able to steer a sailboat was a very, very big deal! Thank you for making this all possible!”

– Joan Chevalier

Join the Family Sail Program

If the Family Sail Program sounds right for you click the interest form button below and you will be contacted by CRAB staff to regiester for an event. Caregivers, families and people with disabilities can initiate the registration process.

Family Sails are scheduled 2-3 months in advance but that doesn’t mean you missed your chance. There may be more opportunities to sail so make sure you submit your form and get on our list today!

Things to Consider

  • What time of day to you prefer to sail?
  • Who would you like to sail with you?
  • What type of activities are you looking to participate in?

I’m Ready to Sail

Fill out all of the registration documents. Once we receive your documents, we will contact you via email with confirmation and next steps.

How will I get on the boat?

CRAB uses transfer slides and Hoyer Lifts to safely board guests with mobility challenges. CRAB staff and volunteers receive extensive training before they are qualified to help guests with the transfer process. Every guest is provided the utmost care for a safe an comfortable boarding experience.