Therapeutic Programs

CRAB Programs

CRAB offers outdoor, therapeutic, recreational sailing and boating programs on Chesapeake Bay for people with disabilities – at no cost! With over 30 years of experience, CRAB has perfected its programs and adaptive equipment, becoming a model for other adaptive sailing programs throughout the country. By joining CRAB, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay while sailing and boating and you’ll have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of being on the water.. CRAB’s mission is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. So, come and join CRAB for an incredible, life-changing adventure on Chesapeake Bay!

Photo of a family enjoying a CRAB Sailing Program

Family Sails

This program is aimed to introduce people with disabilities and their families to the therapeutic benefits and pure joy of sailing on Chesapeake Bay. The docks are equipped with specialized boarding equipment and the sailboats are customized to cater to accessibility needs, ensuring that guests can easily board the boats and sail safely.

Photo of the Bennett Blazers from Kennedy Krieger's Bennentt Institute after a great day on the water with CRAB

Group Sails

Community organizations that serve people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in exclusive sailing outings during the sailing season with CRAB. The program is designed to cater to the comfort level of its participants, providing sailing experiences that gradually increase in rigor as guests develop skills and gain confidence.

Group photo of CRAB guests and volunteers on dock from a CRAB clinic event.

Clinics & Camps

CRAB provides two-day sailing clinics and kids’ sailing camps to organizations that aim to offer youth from underserved communities, people with disabilities, or recovering warriors a chance to learn the fundamentals of sailing and racing. The clinics or camps culminate in several races to test the newly acquired sailing skills. A comprehensive and diverse learning environment is promoted through classroom, textbook, and on-the-water instruction.

Radio-Controlled Sailing

CRAB is excited to host the Art Savage Radio Controlled Sailing Program, available from its 80ft T-head. Guests can experience the therapeutic effects of being on the water without having to board a boat. This program teaches the basics of sailing using CRAB’s fleet of six Dragon 65 RC Sailboats. Guests can enjoy the peaceful benefits of being surrounded by blue space and the satisfaction of healthy competition, all while staying safe within the Annapolis Adaptive Boating Center Marina.

 CRAB Boats enjoying a bit of competition in one of CRAB's regattas, hosted throughout the sailing season.


Some guests of CRAB are interested in taking sailing to a more competitive level by participating in regattas. CRAB offers four different regattas in the Annapolis area. Two of these are for recovering warriors during Spring and Fall, while the Don Backe Memorial CRAB Regatta is an event for disabled sailors, hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club in June. The CRAB Cup is another regatta hosted in August, open to all sailors and hosted at the Eastport Yacht Club.

Group photo of Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta.

Military Support Programs

CRAB proudly stands with and supports our military, offering tailored programs to aid in the recovery and wellbeing of our brave warriors.