Adaptive Boating Center

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Future Home of Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating

For the past three-years, CRAB has been diligently working to have the premier adaptive boating center built in Annapolis. Funding from the state, county, and city will provide a solid financial base for accomplishing our objective.  However, additional funding will be required and that is why CRAB initiated a Capital Campaign and hired a Director of Development to make it a success.  There are going to be several exciting naming opportunities and areas where your support can make an important difference.  We hope you will answer the call.

How will the adaptive boating center support CRAB’s mission for the future?  To be honest, there is no limit to the number of new sailing, boating, and instructional programs that CRAB will be able to offer.  A larger and more diverse fleet of sail, power, and paddle boats will be available.  The state of the art learning center will be able to offer virtual reality (VR) instruction for guests so they are far more knowledgeable about their sailing experience before getting to the dock.  In addition, when CRAB’s fleet is stored on land in the off-season, we can offer instruction for guests to learn marine maintenance skills, earn Maryland Boating Certification, or health related programs taught by professionals.

As we like to emphasize, “There are no limits” at CRAB and we look forward to proving this true for decades to come at the adaptive boating center. 

For more information or to get involved, please contact Debbie Daugherty, Director of Development, at

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Adaptive Boating Center