Adaptive Boating Center


Future Home of Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating


The Adaptive Boating Center (ABC) that CRAB is seeking to have acquired is located on Back Creek in Annapolis, Maryland.  The plan is to use Maryland, Anne Arundel County, and City of Annapolis Program Open Space funds for a major portion of the marina acquisition.  These funds are derived from a .05% tax on real estate sales and the funds are to be used for improvement or acquisition of parks and open space.
CRAB has been working with elected and appointed government officials, city/county commissions, and other non-profits since early 2017 to garner support for this important project.
Why would CRAB move from Sandy Point State Park (SPSP) where it has operated for 27 years?  SPSP has become increasingly popular over the past several years and is often closed on weekends when the park reaches capacity at the beaches and campgrounds.  None of these areas encroach or impact the marina where CRAB operates, but nonetheless the park is closed to the public.
In addition to the traffic at the park, the back-ups on the Bay Bridge that reach Annapolis have become more frequent.  This congestion prevents any guest or volunteer from reaching SPSP.
Last, but not least, as part of CRAB's mission to expand boating programs for persons with disabilities, the acquisition of a pontoon boat for persons in wheelchairs is planned in the near future.  Unfortunately, the single pier at SPSP is completely filled by CRAB's current fleet of six sailboats.  On land, CRAB guests have access to a single picnic table on a patch of dirt.  CRAB wants to expand the socialization of its guests and volunteers by finding a location that will allow for more tables, even a pavilion in the shade for lunches and breaks.
CRAB has started a Capital Campaign to assist with the need for matching funds for the acquisition of the marina for the Adaptive Boating Center.  It is important for everyone who has an interest or desire to see CRAB's mission and programs expanded to more guests with special needs to support this initiative.
For more information or to get involved, please contact Paul Bollinger, Executive Director, at