The Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta was held on Saturday, April 30th in our nation’s “Sailing Capital,” Annapolis, Maryland.  The regatta is sponsored by the Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, the National Sailing Hall of Fame, The Connected Warrior Foundation, Warrior Events, and The Valhalla Sailing Project with support from the US Naval Academy.  After everyone was front and center, Gary Jobson of NSHOF and Brian Jamieson of CRAB offered a warm welcome to the warriors and wished them a great time on the water.  The warriors and their family members and friends staid at attention for the singing of the National Anthem by St. Mary’s High School A Cappella group “Nothing But Treble” to start the festivities.  It was all hands on deck as warriors were assigned to USNA and CRAB sailboats.  With fair winds and calm seas in the Annapolis harbor, three races were held in a two-hour period with the most able assistance of volunteers on the race course handling the start and moving mark buoys.  The competition was tough and the warriors were not shy about making it known they wanted to win a trophy!  Upon returning to the dock, everyone could smell the hot, gourmet pizza from Sammy’s.  After a hearty lunch with plenty of conversation between the Midshipmen and the warriors it was time for Assistant Secretary of the Army Katherine Hammack and VADM Phil Cullom to offer their congratulations to the warriors, Midshipmen and volunteers.  They also were on hand to present the trophies to the winners of the regatta in the USNA and CRAB classes of racing, as well as the highly coveted Spirit Award for exemplary attitude in the heat of competion.The next Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta will be held on Saturday, August 26, 2016.To register please contact Paul Bollinger at: [email protected]Check out the great pictures from the April 2016 regatta on Flickr.Check out all the great pictures from last year’s event on Flickr.

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