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Celebrating over 25 years of service, CRAB has provided life-changing experiences to more than 19,000 guests.  CRAB is fortunate to be providing this unique sailing experience on the largest and most scenic estuary in the world, the Chesapeake Bay. CRAB would not be possible without the generous support of the many volunteers, sponsors and individual donors. To learn more on how you how you can make a difference and get involved click here.


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SailFree Sunday

October 22nd, 2017

The last SailFree Sunday of 2017 will be on October 22nd. Join us for a relaxing sail on the Chesapeake Bay.

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Ribbon Cutting of New Beneteau F22A’s

CRAB celebrated its new fleet of six brand new Beneteau First 22A’s (A for adaptive) with a ribbon cutting at the US Sailboat Show. Pictured L-R in the boat are Brad LaTour, CRAB President; George Armendariz, CEO Beneteau Americas; State Senator John Astle; and, Tim Wilbricht, President Annapolis Yacht Sales. Standing on the dock are […]

What Our Guests Say

"I need to commend CRAB’s fabulous staff and volunteers. They are a wonderful and caring group who have certainly changed many peoples’ lives for the better, including mine."

Lance Hinrichs CRAB Guest

"The CRAB captains allow our students the hands on opportunity to sail a real sailboat. When you have no vision, you see with your hands. The captains allow the students to touch and feel everything as they explain exactly what everything is. They are so on cue with the students; they immediately get a sense of the level of the students and know how to modify the language to what the students can understand. I can't tell you how much this experience helps to build self-esteem in our students. They get such a sense of pride and accomplishment. The smiles are from ear to ear! I can't say enough about this program, the people that work it and the opportunities that it provides for our students! I fully support the CRAB program!

Tammy Kraft Recreation Specialist Maryland School for the Blind

Thanks so much for the effort and dedication in offering the Recovering Warrior Sailing Regatta. While I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, my soldier greatly appreciated her very first experience under sail.

M.B. CRAB Guest

"Being a volunteer with CRAB has been a life changing experience for me. I have been a volunteer for over three years. I have met so many wonderful individuals during the monthly Sail Free events and at the Wounded Warrior Regattas who have shared their amazing triumphant stories with me. I would not give up this volunteering experience for anything as I learn and gain new and wonderful perspectives from each encounter I have. My life has been touched by this organization and the individuals who come to participate in the joy of sailing."

Michelle Serafin CRAB Volunteer

"We don't get out like this very much."

Guest Montgomery Co. Stroke Association

"It was Great!! It was smooth sailing. Beautiful day with a wonderful breeze. Dan and Ed did a very nice sail, sharing their knowledge and skills with us."

R Cagle Guest

"Thank you for this wonderful program. Bless you"

J. Maldonado Guest

"The crew and staff did an outstanding job. My wife is in a wheelchair. We are completely satisfied."

P. Lark Guest

"The sailing trip was wonderful. CRAB is an amazing group doing a wonderful service."

B. Griffith Guest


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