Our Fleet

Beneteau First 22A
Overall Length: 21'
Beam: 8′, 2"
Draft: 5′, 11" Max
Displacement: 2,729 lbs.
Keel: Fin: 700 lbs
Sail Area: 269 sq. ft.
Manufacturer: Beneteau

Our fleet is comprised of six Beneteau First 22A's, and a Martin 16 with a "Sip & Puff" steering system.

CRAB's Beneteau First 22A's (A for Adaptive) have been custom modified for their guests. The F22A is designed specifically for mobility-impaired sailors and features two chairs mounted directly in the cockpit. The boats also have a 691-pound swing keel, which makes them exceptionally stable. 


Martin 16 with Sip n' Puff system

Boarding our Fleet

Some individuals with physical disabilities will need assistance to transfer into and out of a boat. There are a variety of ways to do so, including use of a Hoyer lift, transfer box slide, and personal assistance. In all cases, the boat is securely tied to the dock for safety and ease of transfer.

Guests with paraplegia or amputated limbs are routinely able to sail the First 22A's once they’ve been assisted aboard. CRAB Skippers and Crew assist guests on and off of the boat.  We operate from floating docks so the height of the boat’s hull does not vary and the boat is securely tied to the dock. The transfer box is a metal box with a hinged extension that unfolds and can be positioned like a ramp into the boat. There is a stainless steel hand rail on the side. A guest in a wheelchair can stop next to the transfer box and with little assistance, shift to the transfer box and gently slide into the boat next to the cockpit seat.  Then there is the transfer to the seat before being made secure by a four point shoulder harness and belt.  The process is reversed for disembarking.

In addition to the transfer box, CRAB has a Hoyer hydraulic lift that is used to lift a person from their wheelchair in a hammock-like sling.  The sling is raised by a hydraulic pump and then the arm of the lift is swung over the boat's cockpit seats and lowered to allow a person to safely and comfortably board the boat.

Altogether two people with disabilities can manage every aspect of sailing the boat.  For safety, CRAB always provides a Skipper and if necessary additional Crew to ensure a safe and enjoyable sailing experience.  Group Sail organizations are expected to provide a caregiver for each boat to assist with guest needs or to inform the Skipper of any issues requiring attention.

Adaptive Boating Center