Scott on J105

Scott Gitchell has worked in Montgomery County Public Schools for 22 years. He is currently in his third year at Pyle MS as an assistant principal. He was the assistant principal at Farquhar MS for 13 years and started his education career as a Math teacher at Takoma Park MS. He has a BA in Economics from Virginia Military Institute and a BS and MS in Math and Science Education from Old Dominion University.

Scott learned how to sail in the Junior program at Hampton Yacht Club in 1979. In the early years he and his twin brother Carl, raced a Flying Junior together. After college he started racing larger boats, mainly as a bowman. In 1995 he moved to Annapolis where he continued to do bow on racing boats in the 30-49 foot range. In 2001, he and Carl purchased their J105 Tenacious, on which they have raced up and down the East Coast.

Scott became involved with C.R.A.B. while being part of the race committee for the 2015 C.R.A.B. Cup at Annapolis Yacht Club. He filled in for a crew who was not able to sail and was instantly hooked in helping out. To be able to share his love of sailing and the water to those who, without the help of C.R.A.B., could not enjoy it is why he became involved. He became a C.R.A.B. skipper in the spring of 2017 and has assisted in multiple sailing events.

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