Geoff Leech


With an active career in the marine industry for almost 15 years, Geoff recently accepted the role of the Director of Marine Partnerships for SiriusXM.  Previously Geoff served as the Publisher of a niche boating magazine called PassageMaker and simultaneously as the General Manager of a national boat shows series called TrawlerFest.  Geoff’s introduction to CRAB came when Trawler Fest Bay Bridge on the Chesapeake chose CRAB as the charity partner of the event.  Working closely with Bo and the various CRAB volunteers impressed upon Geoff the commitment and level of engagement and belief all these individuals had in the CRAB mission.

With a passion for adventure and desire to give back, Geoff choose his first job fresh out of college as a wilderness camp counselor.   For two years he lived in the woods of Tennessee with a mission of planting seeds of guidance, advice and direction in the heads of wayward and troubled youth.  With an incredibly demanding schedule that frequently involved weeks on end without any time off and the need to manage almost incessant conflict, it was immediately apparent to Geoff that his first job would be the most personally rewarding, impactful and most difficult position of his entire adult life.

Geoff grew up exploring the Chesapeake Bay on all kinds of water crafts and gained a love of the water and natural environment from an early age.  He currently lives on the eastern shore with his wife and two daughters.  He is an avid boater, frequently enjoys boating on the Chesapeake and has chartered numerous boats with his family in waterways around the country.   

Geoff earned a BA from Wittenberg University and majored in psychology.